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Book a 1:1 consultation for my proven fat loss strategy, helped over 5000 clients shed 10Kg naturally, no gym required. Money Back Guarantee!

SECRET #1: How To Lose Weight Without Gym SECRET #2: Strategy For Permanent Fat Loss

SECRET #3: 100+ Desi Diet Options For Weight Loss 

I eat gulab jamun, ice cream, and more, and still lost 13 KGs in just 100 days.  This consultation call is a blessing.

– Rishika Verma (IT Professional)

Shikhar, I can't Lose Weight Because....

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Here Is What You'll Get Inside This Complete Package

SECRET #1: 45 Min Consultation Call

A 45-minute session with our experts will help you understand the entire science behind losing 10-15 kilograms in the next 100 days. 


Our experts will guide you on workouts, diet, etc., and help you dispel 10+ myths that may be hindering your weight loss journey.

SECRET #2: 100+ Diet Options

Diet plays a pivotal role in the weight loss journey. We’re offering over 100 breakfast, lunch, and dinner Indian diet choices that have been instrumental in helping our clients shed 10-15 kilograms in just 100 days.

SECRET #3: 50+ Workout Options

Exercise plays a crucial role in the weight loss journey. We provide more than 50 home workout options that you can begin right from Day 1. The best part is, you don’t require any additional equipment for any of these exercises.

Know Your Trainer


I am Shikhar Saxena, founder of Healthy Pinto and it’s been five years since I am into fitness. 

Like every other youngster in the society, I initially started working out to maintain my physique and to look good.

Before started transforming others, I first transformed myself from an ultra skinny guy to a muscular man. Later on I realized it’s my passion and started working professionally. 

So, here is what I am now:


1- Have Instagram family of more then 15k followers.

2- Founder of Healthy Pinto Pvt. Ltd.

3- Experience of Transforming over 1100+ Clients


My Motto

Make Anyone Fit & Healthy In Less Then 100 Days Naturally Without Use Of Pills, Capsules, Shakes, Drinks etc.  




This Is What Over 10,000 Clients Think About Us



This is a one on one vide call consultation with Shikhar Saxena where you will get to know the strategy of losing weight naturally according to your weight, height and daily routine. Also, you’ll get your doubts clear. 

You can click on the “Claim Your Spot Now” button and proceed with the payment. Once the payment is done, you can choose your preferred time.

Never! I am totally against it. These temporary stuff will kill your body from inside.

Anyone who want to lose their weight naturally with or without going to gym can have a consultation with me. 

Of course yes! Book the consultation right away. This will surely work for you. 

Anyone searching for the shortcuts like weight loss shakes, capsules, pills, powder, etc. should never book a call me. This is a 100% Natural Process. 

You have to inform at least 1 Hrs. prior to the meeting. If not informed, you have to pay again to book the slot. No refund will be made.

No Diet chart & Workout plan will not be provided.